HDFC Bank Frustrating Experience from Branch officer

I have been associated with HDFC bank for more 15 years now and 2.5 years bank got my & my wife’s account shifted to Lokhandwala, Kandiwali branch since then been regularly following up for locker facility but no response. Now hear are my observation which you need to take in account and come back to me.
1. I have privileged banking facility.
2. Every time you inquire about locker facility the similar excuse- Not available we are looking for people to surrender then it will be offered. 3. You put some investments then we can prioritize.

I would like to understand following from you as really upset with M/s. Zarna Upadhya attitude today as she is not bothered about customer service and replying that we prioritize NRI’s and been in touch with her for 2 years for same request.
Now there following is my conclusion.

The branch service person is indulged into selling investment options etc. With offer of locker or other services which according to me is highly unethical and strict action should be taken against the same.
As a customer we have full right to be given options first without any conditions not that we have NRI’s to prioritize in such case make HDFC bank only for NRI’s as its a insult for me as customer and case defamation should be be filed for such future occurrences. .
I really frustrated with the way people are handling customers at your branch. I hope someone will act on my feedback and revert on the actions taken.


Alok Kumar Singh

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