HDFC Bank Late charge and GST thereon levied

I use HDFC bank credit card for the past 13 years. My due date of payment is 28th of every month, however, the bank accepts payment by end of the month and this is going on ever since i made first payment. This time also i made an online payment of Rs.26840/- and the same was received by the bank. But they levied me a late charge of Rs.950 and GST of Rs.171 thereon. On realising that the payment was made in time, the late payment charge of Rs.950 was immediately reversed. However, the GST of Rs.171 is still not reversed. It’s not a question of money, if you are reversing the main charge i.e. the late payment charge, then you should also reverse the GST which was incidental to main charge i.e. late payment charge. Why should i bear the GST if I made the payment in time.

Please look into it and arrange for the reversal of aforesaid GST levied in my account.

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