HDFC Bank Minus balance

Hi sir, I am Bhaskar. I have an issue with my bank account, I was using hdfc bank account from 2016 as it was my salary account at that time. Later in 2017 I have resigned my job and continuing my studies. Few days later my friend credited some amount into my account when I checked that there was deduction in my account. I thought it was like a service charges. Later on every month they were charging penalty charges against me. I enquired about that and I have been informed that I should maintain a minimum balance as my account turned into a Non-Salary account. Now my account balance shows -5500.
How can anybody do this? No one has informed about this and I’m the one who is facing all these and I’m from a middle class family where we can afford only for what we can and not these penalty charges. If there is anything they must have inform us or atleast send a message to me regarding this. I want to get out this as soon. Please help me in this. I will support for each and every thing upon this investigation.
Here is my phone number: +91-9177039021
My Email ID: [email protected]
Please get back to me as soon as you can.
Thank you, waiting for the solution.

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