HDFC Bank Negative salary account

I had salary account with HDFC Bank, sector 31 Noida, U.P.. I resigned in the month of March 2018. My account was 73rps as on September 2, 2018. Then I received a message from Bank that my account has a negative balance of -631.67 rps. .Later on 7th Dec 2018, I received message from HDFC bank that my account balance is Negative -2065.37 rps. I have no idea what calculations these people do. I tried calling them at least hundred times on customer care but all went in vain. No customer executive attended my call neither called me all this while, even once. I decided to quit my job and study further, for me it’s impossible to pay 2000rps. Due to all this I am unable to access my PF money as well. I need real solution to this asap.

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