HDFC ERGO Pathetic Courier Service – Can you guys Suggest me why i should not move on to a Different Provider

Hi Team,

This is Thulasiram holding a medical policy with No 2952200765915904000 i wanted an explanation why i should not move on to a Different Provider .
CASE 1 : Year Back i found my Policy Document floating on my street, am so lucky that i found it.. i never thought there is a dispatch service like this ?? I Have raised a concern and Professional Service ZOnal Manager reached to me personally and appologized on behalf of his team and promised it will not happen again.
CASE 2 : There was a Annual Policy Renewal this Month and document supposed to deliver on Friday(25 May) , but i have requested the delivery guy to deliver on Saturday(26 May) so that i can be home on weekend to collect the document. No One Called on Saturday , i got a call on Today(29 May) to receive the courier.
Simple fact is i cannot be at home for a policy document by taking leave to office , i requested to drop at my neighbour in 2nd floor. COURIER GUY IS NOT INTERESTED IN COMING TO 2ND FLOOR, HE WANTED MY NEIGHBOUR TO COME DOWN TO COLLECT THE document. This is so funny(hahahahaha) i cannot ask my neighbour to do that because he never gets paid to those things but your deliver boys gets paid right ????????
SO COURIER GUY CALLED ME SAYING IF THEY NOT COMING DOWN, WILL RETURN THE COURIER TO OFFICE SAYING I DIDN’T FIND THE HOUSE 🙂 that was the damn funny moment , is that the least thing he can do ????
COURIER TRACKING ID # 42718795022 and Delivery Boy Number # 9769906950
My request – when you guys call him up please don’t forget to ask his number, He has a good sense of humor , he will say what he can if you dont act on his convinience .
CASE 3 : I Had a good feedback on your company for services , so advised my wife to get 1 for her and now she is having issues with your courier services.
– on policy renewal , AM not sure mistakenly you guys sending wrong medical with policy document. this happened Multiple times. that to on same year.(i have requested once to resend with proper medical card , but again wrong card.. now again i need to call you guys for the same again)

Just looking all these cases , thinking to move on to a different provider from next year on wards by mistake.(i think even my sense of humour is being developed getting a policy in HDFC ERGO)

Thulasiram .

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  1. Hello,

    I have got call from Rohit Malhotra, he claimed that bonus amount for the policy purchased will be credited to me.
    But need to buy one policy from TTKCigna since my policy is expired for now.

    This is a fraud call people please be aware,in name of HDFC ERGO there are couple of people like him who are fooling HDFC ERGO customers.

    HDFC ERGO has so far has not taken any action aganist him despite compalints from customers

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