I Applied for my Forex Card on 23/11/2019 with the help of an online banker and did the entire online process and made the Payment through my Deutsche Bank account.

I received an email from Bank on 02/12/2019 that my card is ready and can be picked up from the closest Branch (which is Gulmohar Road Juhu), when i went to the branch i realised it was shut and does not exist anymore. I asked the nearby people as to where did the branch shift, they answered that they shifted to Nehru Nagar. I went to that Branch and on talking to the everyone and shifting from one counter to another, i get a response that we do not have your card, i asked them thwn who has it ? they replied we dont know.

I saved each penny for months to travel and this was not a response i expected, they tool me to another officer and he just dropped an email and nothing else, i called the customer care, they said there is no status reflecting against your card application no.

How ridiculous is this situation. No one knows where my card is, with all my savings in it. I have to travel next week and no one knows where my card is. I need to know where my money went. What should i do and who should i go to.

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