HDFC Home Loan MIsguided information on PMAY application

July 2017 : I inquired at HDFC branch gachibowli regarding applying for PMAY, and I was told that it has been done and I will receive the communication in few months.
October 2017 : When I inquired again I was told the same story that application is under way and will take some time.
December 2017 : I was finally given the contact details of Kranthi, who sent me the actual PMAY application form, till that time I was deliberately misguided by HDFC branch. Also I submitted my form in December at the HDFC branch and was told to wait as this takes few months to process.
February 2018: I was told that the claim submission has exhausted and my application will be submitted in next quarter.
April 2018: When I called Kranthi on call initially I was told that my application has been submitted and it will take time for NHB to process.
All my documents and verification were done when I applied for Home loan and NHB will do verification once only after the application is sent, so send me the details on what verification was done which caused the delay.

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