This is regarding an HDFC LIFE policy I have (Policy No. 15967069). This policy was maturing on March 25, 2017. I submitted all the required documents from my end in January 2017.
In February I received an sms that the cancelled cheque I had shared was not clear as the word "cancelled" was causing overwriting on the bank account number (this was okayed in the physical submission and I even received a confirmation email from HDFC Life a few days later that all my documents are in order and that payout will come to me when due).
However, I still shared another cancelled cheque on March 19, 2017 for which again I received an email confirmation on March 21, 2017.
Last week, I started calling up the HDFC Life customer care number to enquire about my policy. I spoke to 3 different people, from which the first 2 did not bother to help and simply hung up along the course of the call.
The 3rd person I spoke to, said he will check and call back, which he did 2 days later, apologising and saying that payment will come soon.
My point is, firstly, why did this all happen when I started following up ? Is HDFC Life such a company that if the customer doesn’t follow up, they would not make the payment.
Secondly, when will I receive my money ? They refuse to give any timeline of any sort.
Utterly frustrated and the last time I will ever buy an HDFC Life product.

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