HDFC Misguided and no information.

Hi, an amount was kept on hold in my account, I called them three times in three days, on the first call they gave me misguided information and said they can’t do anything as it’s RBI rule and customer should know that and the bank will not communicate this (so according to the bank the bank can take customers hard earned money without informing them?) on the second call I spoke to them and said that RBI clearly states that a prior notification should be given to the customer about money deduction (via email or sms, nothing was told to me before they took the money) the customer care people said sorry we can’t do anything about it, third day when I call and ask my funds are on hold what should I do, the person I spoke to said transfer 10k in the account and the money will be returned to you, but before I could do that, they deducted the money out of my account. I spent hours on the call explaining that I wasn’t informed and given so much wrong information but instead!
of listening to me they were yelling and screaming back at me, I told them that’s its my money that I’ve lost not yours that you are behaving so rude to me. It is the banks fault for giving wrong and no information, after so much trouble no help was given to me, I’m extremely upset about this situation. I’ve emailed and asked for help from the bank but it seems that they just don’t care.

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