Health safety first health insurance company Fraud by health safety first health insurance company

I received a call from a representative of health safety first health insurance company , who told me that they have a medical insurance plan which covers all OPD expenses as well as indoor expenses from day 1 including the pre existing diseases. Apart from this they provide health check ups twice a year. Total amount for the family of 4 is only 7999 only. It looks lucrative ,but as I never listen about this company, I enquired about it. He told me to go through the site www.healthsafetyfirst. I told him that I want to just read the details through the site. Then he told that he has an other offer of 30% cash back on the same credit card by which I will make the payment . Unfortunately I got trapped and I made the payment by credit card. In my all transactions there was no any name of the company. The payment made to PTM * paytm.

Same happend with me.

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