Heritage Food/Milk quality

I am a member of Heritage fresh.Today,I bought 5 kg milk and it is to be used by 13.07.2019.
It was kept in freeze till evening and in night when we boiled it to make Pera- a kind of sweet from mix of milk and sugar.
After 20 minutes boiling it is sticky,bad smell and not even total spoiled.IT was coming sticky creamy think and looks it is a fine example of milk adultration.I took some snaps and posting here.I am using heritage milk since 7-8 years but never got complain, i am clearly seeing taste difference and currently this issue.

Therefore request concerned authority to do random sample check time to time.
Since i have memeber.So,this transaction is recorded in heritage database.although let me tell you – I dont have hard copy slip with me.I do have more photos.Packet mentioned rs 22.00 U11T4H USED by 13 Jul 19.Thank you.

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