hindustan times newspaper Cheated by vendor for HT

Dear Sir,

As I already informed you Mr. Ajay (Vendor) deceived me after getting all coupons from me ,now refused to return remaining coupons to me. He cheat me . I gave him cheque for further subscription of your newspaper in July as per your record but cheque had been rejected due to some reason and had been return to Mr. Ajay by your company. The same was not return to me . He was dropping newspaper he had no coupons remained with him . Even he did not disclose me that he was delivering newspaper without coupons and I had to pay him for the same. I was in this confusion that he had coupons so he was delivering the newspaper. In this March he disclosed that I had to pay INR 670/- of newspaper for four months from Sep17 to Dec17 otherwise he will not drop newspaper for last four months.
Today I received call of Mr. Rahul as representative of HT . He told me that company will not help you either you get coupon from your vendor or resolve the issue with the vendor yourself.
Is it the company cannot help me?

If possible reduce time period from current scheme and continue the scheme from previous one. I will pay to you for that period but not want to pay to my vendor who cheat me.

Best Regards


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