hitachi air conditioner Split AC- Problem not not solved

Dear Team Hitachi,

We purchased two no.of Split ACs, 2T & 1.5T model no.3100X & 3100S respectively for our commercial establishment at Neb Sarai, New Delhi, on 10.09.2018.
Since the beginning there had been several complaints of not cooling. Complaints were attended many times but the complaint still persist. Now since the beginning of this season we have complained many times.Technician attends the complaint it works for few days and again the same problem continues.
We opted for Hitachi believing it to be one of the best AC brands only for its quality and performance. We didn’t look into the pricing factor although its pricing is higher than many other brands. But sorry to say that our experience was never near to our expectations.
Hope this is taken on very serious note and some senior technicians are deployed to weed out the problem permanently so that we continue to be your brand customer. A quick action in this regard shall be highly appreciable.

Regards Sanjeev Sharma

2 Replies to “hitachi air conditioner Split AC- Problem not not solved”

  1. Dear Sanjeev,

    Please be assured that our team is already working on your concern. Request you to allow us some time, you will be contacted shortly in this regard.

    Team Hitachi

  2. Dear Sanjeev,

    We understand that your complaint is resolved now. Please get in touch with us if you face any problem with our product.

    Team Hitachi

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