Hitachi Complaint about a faulty Air-conditioner

I am writing to complain about the above air-conditioner, which I bought from your company.

Name- Digesh Rajeshbhai Patel

This air-conditioner was installed in my bedroom and I filled in and posted the guarantee form on the same day. Tow days later, I food that the air-conditioner did not function properly. In particular, it was extremely noisy. The worst thing was that, when I switched it from âlowâ to âhighâ, it made a continuous loud banging sound. This sound was so annoying that I could not sleep.

Therefore, I called , your companyâs service representative, and asked him to exchange the faulty air-conditioner for a new one. His attitude towards me was quite rude and unhelpful. Even though I pointed out that the air-conditioner was guaranteed, he refused to provide a replacement.

This sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable. I demand that you either replace the air-conditioner immediately or refund my money. If you do not do so, I shall take this matter to the Consumer Council. My contact telephone number is 9662675789/8128089688.

Yours faithfully,

Himani Patel

Digesh Patel

2 Replies to “Hitachi Complaint about a faulty Air-conditioner”

  1. Dear Himani,

    We have already escalated your concern to our team and will get in touch with you soon.

    Team Hitachi

  2. Dear Himani,

    We understand that your complaint is resolved now. Please get in touch with us if you face any problem with our product.

    Team Hitachi

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