HITACHI MAKE WINDOW AC 1.5 TON Dangerous Repairs of AC

Respected Sirs,
I contacted on 28.06.19 at 9.26am Hitachi AC Customer Care no. ############ (found out from google) for repairs of my subject AC. A call came to me on the same day at 9.30am from tel no. 8506889905 and they arranged a call from 9454422110 (THE ROYAL SERVICE CENTRE). One technician name SHAFI came to my house on 29.06.19 with his assistant for the repairs of above AC. After inspection Shafi told me that condenser of AC is defective. I agreed to replace the same by new one. Both the above technicians replaced the condenser of the AC and also refilled gas and they charged Rs. 9200 for this repairs. But they installed the AC in the window living a dangerous direct current flowing in the AC frame and window. I contacted them on 30.06.19/01.07.19/02.07.19 & 03.07.19 several times but above technicians did not come back for the rectification of above dangerous direct current which was continuously flowing in my balcony window where it is installed.

Sir, then after failing from above I tried to contact both the above nos. Customer Care no. ############ and 8506889905 but nobody picked up my phone.

Then I got another Hitachi Customer Care no. from one of Hitachi Engineer & contacted on no. 07971414848 and lodge a new complaint for repairs and also explained my above faced problem to them. Two technicians one was Salman came to my house on 01.07.19 & he told me that amount of repairs charged by the above technician are too high and also they were not from the Hitachi company and advised me to call the technician Shafi and ask him to remove the dangerous direct current from the AC which Then again I explained my above problem on another customer care no 07567884848. Now third time two more technicians one was Muskar khan came to my house for the repair of AC. I was shocked to notice that my AC stuck the frame in such way that is neither coming out of the frame nor going inside the frame. Now it is very difficult to get it repair and such Hitachi technicians left my home without repairing of AC. I again called local technicians from the market in order to take ou!
t the AC in case from the frame. But they also failed. It has become compulsory for us to cut the frame from the window to take out the AC which is now in damaged condition. Sir, other problem is very acute because my house is on 9th floor and unfortunately at time of cutting of frame AC may fall down in the basement of the building.

Sir, I am a senior citizen and a sugar and B.P. patient. I have become helpless because Hitachi Company also failed to solve my above problem created by technicians of The Royal Service Centre.

Sir, it is very difficult for a consumer to find out genuine company’s customer care personnel because fraud service centres are running in this country. Sir, kindly help me and please take strict action against such fraud technicians and close the service centres running like this giving problems to Indian Citizens. Kindly force them to refund my hard earned money Rs. 34200/- (Rs. 25000 + Rs. 9200/-) immediately.

MOBILE NO.: 9999882118

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  1. Dear Alok,

    We deeply regret the inconvenience you had. We have notified this to our concerned team and one of our representatives will be in touch soon to assist you with this.

    Team Hitachi

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