Hitachi No Service under Warranty for faulty Refrigerator! Case opened since 25th July with no Response & Resolution


Reaching out to you in utter desperation to help resolve an issue that is pending from the 25th July, 2019. I had raised a request (CASE #19072500659) to fix a ‘no cooling in the refrigerator compartment’ on the 25th July and the issue is still not resolved. The technician who came to visit us said the defrost sensor was faulty, and needs to be replaced, which he did on the 11th August post multiple reminders and follow ups (17 days post the request was made).

Post replacing the part I told him to make sure the cooling was back to being efficient, and suggested we test it out before closing the case and giving him the code. He insisted that protocol demands the code be entered by him, so I gave him the code with the trust that he will be available in case the issue is still not resolved. Alas! The issue did not resolve even with the part replacement, and the cooling was still very low. I tried calling the engineer multiple times but to no avail, so called customer service and reopened the issue with another case (Case #19081200755). I also have escalated the issue on the Hitachi app a total of ~25 times and called customer service at least 8 times, but the issue is still pending and no technician has yet visited!

This is when the product is under warranty, and from a reputable brand. I am absolutely distressed and rather frustrated with the after sales service. If you track my case the same issue has been reported from last year, and I seem to be just getting run arounds and no real resolution.

I have tried using the level 1& level 2 ‘connect to management’ escalation matrix on the Hitachi app too, but that seems to be of no use too.

I’d like to know when can I expect my product to be repaired. If 23 days seems to be an acceptable time frame to no fix an issue, it reflects extremely poorly on your service standards.

Ideally I should be getting a replacement for the product, since complaints of the same issue have been raised multiple times. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THE OWNERSHIP OF CALLING ME AND GIVING ME A CLEAR EXPLANATION AND ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS, AND A HARD DATE BY WHEN CAN I EXPECT A RESOLUTION.

Thanks & Regards,
Kartik Lakshman

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  1. Dear Kartik,

    We regret that you are facing any issue with your product. One of our representatives will be in touch soon to assist you with this.

    Team Hitachi

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