Hitachi Refrigerator Cooling issue with Brand New Refrigerator

Dear Hitachi,

We purchased a brand new Refrigerator on 18th August. Immediately some days after installation we started facing cooling issue in the Refrigerator it wasn’t cooling properly. Made our first complaint on 1st September our service request number is 19090101521. It’s been 15days our complaint is not resolved have tried speaking to the customer care again and again but still awaiting the Senior Technician visit. After sales service of Hitachi is really really really bad call center is clueless, customer care center have been assuring service visit and call back for last 5 days and is unable to get call back from Hitachi. The overall process of handling the consumer and addressing the complaint is so bad that we regret buying Hitachi.

Waiting to get my problem solved by Hitachi.

Registered mobile number 9999785603

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  1. Dear Renuka,

    We regret that you are facing any issue with your product. One of our representatives will be in touch soon to assist you with this.

    Team Hitachi

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