home loan Discrepancy in Load ac no LBVRN00002870604 in the name of Binod Kumar Rai

Dear Sir,
Kind reference is invited to the statement of a/c issued by your branch showing that an amount of Rs. 32,33,903.00 has been remitted to M/s Samridhi Grand Avenue.

The above statement was personally collected by undersigned from your Mr. Rakesh Choudhary on 28.01.2019. In the meantime I have received a demand letter from M/s Samridhi Grand (copy enclosed) showing that they have received a sum of Rs. 2300000.00 only instead of Rs. 32,33,903.00 reflected in your statement.

I am thus being penalized and harassed by the Bank (interest charges) as well as the builder and penalty of Rs. 1,56,000/- (Rs. One lac fifty six thousand) has imposed for non-remittance by Mr. Deepanshu Bhattacharya of M/s Samridhi.
It is therefore requested to reconcile the loan account and confirm the exact amount paid to M/s Samridhi.
The discrepancy and demand is causing mental agony for no fault on my part. I am enclosing a copy of this letter to M/s Samridhi so that discrepancy, if any, could be sorted out.

Due to above discrepancy I have delayed EMI by ten days at time hoping that the problem would be resolved but unfortunately no solution has been attained so far. Requesting again for immediate action.
Yours faithfully

Binod Kumar rai

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