HomeTown, Lucknow UP Defying their own words

I bought a mattress from HomeTown on a guarentee that it will be changed within 6 months of usage if I faced any problems (I have arthritis and body ache). It’s been about 4 months approx and my condition has only worsened. The mattress is giving me sleepless nights as the pain has become more severe and intense. Now when I approached the same salesperson, after agreeing to change it, when the time finally came he just flipped and bluntly said that he never promised anything like this.
This kind of behaviour is highly unexpected out of a brand like HomeTown which is so prestigious and renowned. It’s very unprofessional to make false promises and deceive the customers like this. I’m very disappointed in the kind of behaviour they have shown. Name of the saleman was Honey (HomeTown, Phoenix Mall, Lucknow)

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