HONDA AMAZE Poor Service – Signature Honda Kannur

My vehicle met with an accident on 31st August, the vehicle has been inspected & approved by the United India Insurance company survivor on 9th September 2018 from Signature Honda service station, the estimation has been submitted for an amount of INR 179000 & they agreed to release the vehicle by 14th October 2018. But unfortunately now company again increased their estimation INR 32000 claiming that the Dash board is damaged, How is it possible? Why they couldn’t figure it out in the beginning while sending the initial estimation since its a major item which can be found easily.Now at the moment we need to wait again 3 weeks as per Signature Honda to order & fix this item. This is the worst service I have came across. Further the IDV value of the vehicle is INR240000 hence the extra amount cannot be covered under the insurance since insurance will provide only 75% of the total IDV value.
Now they suggest us to claim total loss of the vehicle after this 32 days.

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