i have purchased HP pavilion X 360 convertible laptop in Jan 2018.At the time of purchase i have not taken Accidental protection fir my laptop. My laptop is under standard warranty. Last week my lap top was fallen on floor and one of the edges got pressed due to which laptop is not closing fully and reaming is every thing ok and working good . I approached HP service customer care and HP authorized repair centers in Hyderabad and requested to repair my lap top edge on chargeable basis only as there is no accidental protection for my laptop.But HP service and repair centers could not repaired my lap top and they suggested to simply change the compete body with new one which costs approximately Rs 14000.They simply want to do business with out extending services to the customers. Later i went to laptop repair shop other than HP authorized and they did the repair to the pressed edge with charge only Rs 200. Now my laptop looks good and closing fully and working ok. HP service !
is really very poor and they dont want to do any repairs and they just want to replace parts even the parts are repairable.

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