hyundai creta Break problem

Hello Hyundai,
we puchaced Creta 1.6 CRDI SX(O)from your sales and service office in Mavelikkara(Alappuzha district,kerala) on 31-Aug-2015 with Supplier’s Ref.H201500167 and other Ref.C2015080134. I had 3 years waaranty for the vehicle, I did all the service intime as per your instruction.I replaced break pad, clutch pad for the last three years. In the month of April 2018 we had a break problem while driving in a city area with heavy traffic, suddenly we lost break it slipped off and the break pad got harder.Imediatly my driver used handbreak and avoided collision with other vehicles, my full family was in the car and shocked to see such an incident and got feared.We went to Hyundai service centre and they could not find anything as there was no problem when they conductd a test drive.This problem again came up after a week time and again the service centre could not get anything because test drive was ok. There after the problem cameup continiously and the error light was lit, we t!
ook photograph and shown to srevice center. As per the error indication they changed one sensor and said the vehicle is ok. After two days the break problem again came up and took to service center, they changed two sensors near two backweel and got alright. It was within warranty period. On 3rd July 2019 again the same slipping of break occured.We got panic and took the vehicle to srevice center, they scanned the vehicle and had a test drive-No problem with vehicle.Now as a last chance they said they will change two sensors at the back and give the vehicle as they did last time. They have already ordered the spares from Cochin warehouse which will take one week time to reach the service center in Pathanamthitta and give me the vehicle. For this I have to pay nearly 13000- 14000 rupees and they can not guarante the break problem will be solved or not.
My question to Hyundai is= do you think this is proper for you to deal with hyundai car owner? Don’t you give any value for the life of your customer? If you can not solve your car problem where shall I go? My daughter is a doctor and she used to drive the vehicle before the break problem arised- now she stopped driving last one year because of the fear. We(wife and me) travel in the car with great fear and we go very slow that too with expert driver, Why should we do all these things? I spent so much money for this vehicle to get it proper, but your vehicle is disappointing. Last year you changed the sensor and should I believe that again the sensor is gone bad or the last problem still exists? I call taxi to go for the places because I am afraid to travel in the car. How long it will go like this and when shall I travel in my car safely without fear? I spent almost 15 lakhs for the car and I am using taxi, do you have anything to say? Hope you will come up with a goo! d solution

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