Hyundai India (HMIL) Hyundai Next Gen Verna Brake Failure

Dear Mr. Seon Seob Kim,

It distresses me to have to write a letter like this to you, but you have a right and a responsibility to hear directly from your customers and to know what is going well, and what isnât, in your company and in your geo. Let me get directly to the point â Iâm extremely unhappy with Hyundai India and its management. It is my experience that Hyundai has demonstrated clearly that it is in the business of making false promises and duping customers.
My ordeal started on October 31st 2017 when I bought the Next Gen Verna. Immediately after taking delivery of the car and driving it for the first time I realized that the Navigation SD card wouldnât insert and stay put, the solution for which to replace the complete Media and Navigation system. For at least 4 months I was driving the âNEXT GENâ Verna without the navigation system.
But I came to realize that the Navigation system was the least of my problems when it became apparent that the ABS+EBD system on my new car failed to function properly (Pedal Kickback, shuddering, vibrations) at speed breakers and small slopes. Talk about a terrifying defect!. I used to be scared about this until one day when I was parking the car at my office I entered the slope and the brake pedal kicked my foot and got stuck in top position and wouldnât press despite multiple tries, so had to finally pull the hand brakes. Ended up denting the car when it hit the wall.
I had filed my initial complaint with Hyundai on January 24th 2019 â After a visit to the service station and a visit from Mr Manoj Pandey â 9009700755, Area manager (which cost me time, money and fuel) Hyundai failed to not only correct the issues, but completely failed in determining what was even causing them. It is clear to me that Hyundai has no idea as what is in the car and Hyundai doesnât know how to fix it. But the workshop certified that we havenât made any repairs, the brakes are fine and the car is roadworthy.
Mr Manojâs visit was nothing less than an attempt to humiliate me and show off as if he is the one who designed the car and is lined up to take your job next. The fact although is that even his concepts werenât clear and was talking rubbish about how turning the steering at higher speeds could cause the brakes to become hard. I have never met or spoken to an obnoxious egoistic Executive of a multinational corporation like Mr Manoj. I am not an automobile engineer because I wanted to pursue something much harder than that but that doesnât mean your staff has a right to torment me acting like a know it all and thrashing his decision that âthere is nothing wrong with brakesâ on me. He came pre-scripted because regardless of what I had said he gave the same rubbish like a puppet. His knowledge was really poor and could not answer even the simplest of questions. When asked to follow this up to your management he wouldnât reply and never wrote back regarding the next steps regarding my complaint. When I confronted him regarding the same over call, he beautifully answered that we are competent and the car is competent and that I donât have proof of the incident.
Iâve sent several emails to your service and management feedback desk pointing out the issues and talking about my ordeal. However they either end up with the regional office or get no response. It is absolutely shocking to me, how little the management of Hyundai evidently cares about the customers who have invested in Hyundaiâs product and who have as a result, entrusted their lives and the lives of their families and friends to the company. That doesnât include of course any other innocent pedestrians or other motorists who may be injured or killed as a result of a mechanical defect or failure in a Hyundai automobile.
Finally, after zero response, a month of torment and danger from this dysfunctional automobile, I am forced to write to you and shall be writing on other forums to inform others. If this doesnât get me a proper solution, I shall be forced to take legal action against Hyundai. Hyundai has failed to understand customer experience and if some Area Manager is going to ask me for proof of incident that will not only be acceptable but also force me to take the matter public via media, social media, and my professional network on a global scale.
In summary, this is what I have learned, and am subsequently going to take up with the mainstream media in India, South Korea, and other countries, and what I am building a social media & petition campaign around which will other Hyundai drivers who have had similar experience together:
1. Hyundai has no concern for the safety of their customers or the traveling public in general, who maybe killed or injured by a defective Hyundai vehicle
2. Hyundai has one mission and one mission only. Make money, regardless of the human cost
3. Hyundai, despite their reputation, has acted extremely unprofessionally and irresponsibly, despite knowing of many critical defects which puts customers and their loved onesâ lives at risk
4. Failing to respond to repeated requests for action from a concerned customer indicates that Hyundai has a callous disregard for both the welfare of its customers and the message the public will hear about the companyâs grossly negligent approach to safety and customer welfare.
Clearly, Hyundai is reluctant to honor their promises as they know it would mean the recall of huge number potentially unsafe vehicles.
Hyundai and Mr. Kim â if you have even an ounce of respect and honor, youâll get to the bottom of this professionally, fix the brakes, repair the damages and have your unprofessional staff apologize in writing. I refuse to put my familyâs life and the lives of others at risk by using a vehicle that clearly can kill or injure occupants or others as a result of well-documented (Links below and screenshots attached) and repeated defects.

Thanks and

Aveneesh Mathur
+91 9921358249
Mr Sanjeev Mathur

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