i Pru Policy "ICICI" Policy given without permission

Dear CC,

A policy named "i PruPolicy-SR514888557-new" given to me and amount of Rs. 12366 was deducted on date 18/12/2017 Without my permission and Knowledge over call came from "ICICI Insurance " I told that I already have a Policy of sum assured 2 Cr. and I don’t need this policy as I have an account in ICICI Rajajipuram Lucknow it was directly deducted without my knowledge, I get to know this when I was making an online payment and I noticed that I have less amount.
This is a very serious matter to give any policy over call by making people fool.

I also called your CC executive Mr. Ankit today and he told me to write the mail.
I am also attaching my Detailed Statement for your reference.
Jayant Anand

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