My concerns and queries remain untouched/unresolved.

cancellation of policy is not my resolution, i want to know how without my permission or approval insurance can be raised. before the amount was deposited to my account i should have got all details of loan which i didn’t received from the bank.
Please your escalation matrix details and legal team details i will send a notice please respond to that at least.
I recently applied for personal loan from ICICI bank which was approved , I had very clearly mentioned I don’t want insurance for the policy with is option for the customer, your team has done insurance for the same without my approval and my signature to the policy, I very much dissatisfied with the services provided to me. Because of which I faced lot of inconvenience.
Have mailed many times to the team no one is taking ownership to support me or to refund the amount. I want to raise an complaint legally please share the legal department contact details.
My Loan Account Details as follows.

Loan Account Number (LAN) : LPBNG00035958127 Principal amount of the facility : 345,000.00/-
Tenure : 48 Months
Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) : As per amortization schedule Rate of Interest : 11.29%
Product Type : Personal Loan
Pre-Payment charges : 5% of the principal outstanding plus applicable tax.
service reference number SR485203214 .

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