IHM AHMEDABAD College timings

Respected authority
There are certain restrictions imposed by our institute regarding the college timings, which are affecting both the day scholars and hostelites which we want you to bring light upon.
Some of the restrictions which we find to be unethical are as follows:
1. The college timings have been extended to 6.30pm from 5pm, which leave hostelites only 30 mins to spare outside the college premises.
2. We are not allowed to get out of the premises even during the lunch break because as per the new rules once the student entres the premises at 9am one is not allowed to leave the premises before 6.30pm which leaves one exhausted and this also affects our academical performance.
we also want to clarify that this complaint is not against any college authorities. We just want a mutual solution between the students and the authority.
Thank you for your attention and going through this complaint.

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