IIHT Fruad at Ahmedabad.Regarding my course which is undertaken one of agency of IIHT, "DAVE & ASSOCIATES", which is fraud.

Respected sir, I had joined IIHT on 14 June 2018 at Chandhkheda branch, Ahmedabad Gujarat. My course is Java-Bigdata .and fees was told me( 1,20,000 + admission fees) .I am joined iiht based on their reviews and trust on the institute. My study was under "DAVE & ASSOCIATES" and all managing doing "UDYAN DAVE".
When I go for registration, he tells what iiht provides and what pattern he followed. He did not give me a book for my course, after lots of talking and waiting he gave me an old book. "Udyan Dave" gave us commitment regarding my course and terms and conditions. and, "all commitment he gives us was recording in my devices". and none of the single commitment will come true due to dismanagement of UDYAN DAVE. He did not set any faculty for my courses. He was told me two languages are completed in 2 months, that two languages are completed in 4months and also he told me that, he takes the exam and gives me a certificate for that. .due to this lately completed course all arrangement regarding this course was declined and cancel. A few days later, Udyan Dave decided to wind up Chandkheda branch. after lots of calling, texting and messaging, Udyan Dave tells me that he was transferring the Chandkheda branch to Nikol. So I was waiting for his calls when!
he starts my lectures. He directly not told me that he can’t set the faculty of my course but he told whole things in the round and round. even Udyan Dave did not give me my student ID.
Finally, after a long time, he decides to give me a refund payment. then again we had facing more issues to receiving payment. He requests for time, after Diwali he gives me whole payment through cheque or cash. Our time was totally wasted in visited their branches but he did not present at that time.
Till now I’m facing problem to receive payment.

I took admission in iiht institute because I trust on institutes, but having these problems and disaster management of Udyan Dave, my trust was broken up. and also tell IIHT that, Udyan Dave falling the reputation of IIHT and other students can’t trust him.
So, I’ll request you to don’t give your license to a fraud person like Udyan Dave, "Dave & associates".
We choose ECS option for making my fess, but now we took action to stop ECS, due to this we are receiving phone calls from bank and bank asks for a reason .after that we tell whole issues to the bank but they said the bank will not responsible between IIHT and me. Then why I should pay a course fee which is not studied by me? and he was giving me a cheque which is returned twice. He was making fraud transaction also.i have a photo of that.
I humbly requested you to reply me about this refund and don’t give your license to fraud person, due to someone IIHT reputation goes down. Please contact me as soon as possible.

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