IISWBM Misbehavior By HOD of MBA in IISWBM Prof. (Dr.) Chinmoy Jana

Dear Team,
This is to inform you that I am an applicant for the course of MBA. My CAT percentile is low. So, I was applying only for those institutions where I was eligible to apply. I applied to IISWBM for pursuing MBA(Day) with rupees 1500 as their criteria mentioned in the brochure was minimum 50% in Graduation and the student has to appear in CAT. But when I got the call letter for GD PI from IISWBM, I found out that the college authority put me on the MHRM course. Which means I had to study MHRM instead of MBA which is not what I wanted. After receiving the letter, I was shocked and called the reception of that college. They told me that the college has an internal procedure where they put the candidates who get 40 percentiles or above to MBA program and rest of the candidates to MHRM program. But this process is not mentioned in the Brochure or on their website. As I was not satisfied with his reply he told me to meet the HOD of MBA section Dr. Chinmay Jana in person.
So, I met Dr. Chinmay Jana along with my father in his office. I asked him very politely that I applied for MBA but got call letter for pursuing MHRM. Then he asked a lady stuff for this issue. That time I was just asking him with due respect and politeness that there was no mention of this process anywhere. Suddenly He interrupted me half way and raised his voice and said, “ok ok. I understand. You can leave now.” He even didn’t want to listen to me or my father. I calmly requested him to at least listen what I had to say. But he refused and told us that it was his college and he would decide what to do and what not. He misbehaved with us and threatened me to cancel my GD PI. Then I asked him why he got so tempered as nothing happened to get so testy. Then he asked security to make us leave the college campus.
So my question is how can Dr. Jana behave like that with anyone? This is unacceptable from a OD of a reputed college. Accept that I failed to understand the procedure and asked him about that. Was that really offensive at all? Isn’t it his liability to clarify any confusion of a candidate? After all I paid 1500. I have the right to know. He could have help me to understand the scenario instead he chose to insult me and my father and made us leave the campus. Is this because of the prestigious position he is holding? Is that why he thinks he is above everybody else and is not liable to answer or explain anything to anyone? If that’s true, then I really don’t think that he deserves to be a teacher let alone a HOD. If a person who is such a high position don’t know the basic rules of behaving then what is he going to go teach his student??
So this is my request to you to teach that disgraceful Chinmoy Jana a lesson and make sure that he doesn’t dare to repeat this in future.

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