India, KOLKATA FOREIGN LCAO, Transfer from office of exchange (Inb), Air, Regarding shipment of a product with Tracking Id- RP442957941SG

This complaint is regarding shipment of a product with Tracking Id- RP442957941SG. The shipment was sent from Singapore and was received by Kolkata Airport Sorting Office on 11.04.2018, It is showing that the item has been received by KOLKATA FOREIGN LCAO, Office of exchange at 09:42 on 2018-04-21. Since 21.04.2018 the shipment is stuck and I am not getting any information on my shipment. Now its showing the status- Retention Reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner since 16:16 of 24-04 2018. Why is the delivery of the item getting so prolonged. Please deliver my item as soon as possible.

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