Indiabulls Housing Finance Original Documents not returning


Complaint No.1
I Mrs Deshpande have housing loan (HHLVSH00188236) with Indiabulls Ltd. We have paid the the outstanding loan amount i.e 7 Lakhs on 28th November 2018 and requested to provide us the Original documents in Kalyan Branch. we have been told that it would take 21 days from the date of request. after this we have visited the branch several times & Spock to customer service also but till date we have not received the original documents.
Complaint No.2
Earlier to this we inquired with Indiabulls for list of documents (LOD), Foreclosure Letter and share certificate in original on dtd 19th September’2018. I have been told that it would take 15-20 days from the date of request.
Considering that I got the buyer for the property, I immediately requested through an phone (1800 200 7777) dated 19 September 2018 & visited to the Kalyan branch several times & requested to expedite it much faster. The LOD, foreclosure letter & original share certificate are required for registration & loan purpose for my buyer. I Also spoke to customer service phone (1800 200 7777) several times & I have been promised that i will receive a call by evening which didn’t come.
I have visited kalyan branch 5 to 6 times during the period 30th September’18 to 27th October’18 requesting a date for getting LOD & other documents but every time I received a response that we will call you once we received the documents from HO.
I have also spoke to customer service more than 25 to 30 times but every time we received a response that you will get the same in few days.
We have also sent email to Indiabulls regarding issuance of above documents but no replay received till date.
We also raised complaints several times on phone on (1800 200 7777) & we have been promised that I will receive a call within 24 hrs but till date not received the call regarding LOD & share certificate.
I spoke to the Vashi Branch & Kalyan branch with below mentioned executives for a personal help to close this. Also, with humble request not to break any process, but as per the request I should get the documents on or before 7th October’2018. (considering 21 days TAT)
1) Pooja (Kalyan branch)

2) Mangesh Vaidya (Kalyan Branch)

3) Mrs Thapa (Kalyan Branch)

4) Mr. Mohite (Vashi Branch)

As I was in urgent need of money due to some issues, I have sold my flat in the month of Aug’18, but the registration of the same is pending since last two months since above mentioned documents not received from Indiabulls after repeatedly follow up.
My experience with Indiabulls since the disbursement of these loan is pathetic. There is no personal touch with client and no cooperation except pointing fingers on the internal processes of Indiabulls. I am unable to understand that loan process takes 5 days and lod takes 15 days…in this case it is beyond even 40 days… I am amazed with the speed of service to clients in the days and age of technology and efficient working environment.
After 45 days we got the LOD & share certificate.

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  1. Dear Deepak,

    Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. We have escalated your concern to our team and will get in touch with you soon.

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