Indian Paradise Int. ( HMS HOST service India Pvt.Ltd) Regarding the Recruitment process

Hi, I’m Rupesh More, I have a complaint regarding the recruitment process if Bangalore HMS Host.
I got a call from Asst. HR manager Ms. Afreen Khan stating that I have been shortlisted for GSA position at Bangalore Airport and I have to go through a Skype interview for the same.
On 10th April, I had my Skype interview and i was asked for documents for further process. Just after 2 days, I got call from Ms. Afreen that I have been selected for the job and I’ll have to drop down to Bangalore for a final round and a training session and to collect my offer letter on 16th April. I had planned for 2 days plan, but after visiting there it was like 10 mins interview on first day, 2 hours session on second day and after session they told me to stay one more day for medical. Medical took 2 hours only but then also I had to stay for one day.
After this when I informed Ms. Afreen that I have spend Rs.10,000/- for this 5 hours and staying for 3 days over there and please share this allowance to me ASAP. She told me that I will had a word with my Manager and issue u the allowance ASAP and also I haven’t received my offer letter with in this 3 days. After asking for this, she told that, she will mail me the offer letter with in 3-4 days. But after 7 days too I haven’t received the offer letter.
When I asked them, they told me that they are busy with payroll issue and will get back.
Then I dropped a mail and also what’s app Ms. Afreen but I haven’t got any response on that.
At last after 14 days when I informed them that please process my allowance and my offer letter or else I’ll have to issue a complaint against the same.
As soon as I texted this, I got a call in 2 mins. They told that we have not committed that we will pay you thanks allowance, so I can’t be processing your request. Then I told them that not one had informed me for this that you don’t pay allowance and they reverted that I haven’t asked so they didn’t informed. This doesn’t work, when you have this policy you must inform the candidate before calling them for interview at the work place.
And after that I asked for the offer letter then they informed me that they are shortlisting some more candidate and then there will be a final round for selecting and this thing was not informed to me after this many of conversation.
I’m lodging this complaint coz I wanted my money 💰 back and also please improve the recruitment process. At least ask them for informing the candidate with all the process. You can contact me on [email protected], also can call on +91-8446788982.
Best Regards
Rupesh P More

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