Indian Railways Karnataka Misuse of law and authority

Dear Sir,
Today,(10/12/2017) I had to come to KSR railway station to collect my family member. I came through metro station and sadly, outside the metro station there were no officials to guide me as to where to get the platform tickets from. There was only a board which showed unreserved tickets thinking that it might be for booking train tickets I thought of nothing but getting help from any railway official. I climbed the stairs and crossed the bridge and saw the signboard of tickets.I asked fellow travellers as to where to get the tickets from.One of them directed me to go inside and cross the bridge.I saw an official standing on the bridge and told him my story. Instead of directing me to get my platform ticket, the official asked me to pay the penalty!! He literally shouted at me and threatened me to report me to the police station too.I even went to the station master. He was one of the coldest person I’ve seen. He said we are doing our job and didn’t even listen to!
my plight. In this way, they are looting money from a lot of people. Especially people who are non kannadigas who often get misguided.

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