Case of Cheating and fraud

I am observing the limit of cheating a company can go to. They have sold a high lead package to me and disappeared after that . After my many complaints they reverted saying I needed to up my stake to get those kind of leads. Their office kept after me besides calls which are on recording with me wherein I have been promised confirmed big ticket leads of 5-6 Lakhs premium. I have been already complaining about the lack of service I yet went ahead with a recharge as so much was GUARANTEED AND PROMISED ON PAPER AND ORAL RECORDINGS.
The Account manager who was interacting with me has disappeared since I made the payments and she made me write mails dictating the language which I also suspect must be to make herself safe . The company has confirmed what I have been saying till now.
I am being left with no option but start a social media action against the company and consumer court for my money with compensation for mental harassment .

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