Holidat offer – Scam

Not sure about authenticity, I received the same offer for VIVO v5 mobile phone, I just need to pay 11666, that is 60% of any package, no matter where I go anywhere in India except TAJ Hotels and i got trapped in offer and paid Rs 11666/- after paying even i got payment conformation through Email as i requested them that i need all communication through Email even regarding offers too.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for making a payment !!!

We have received a payment worth rs – 11,666 only for Holiday Package (India Trip).
You will receive a courier Package & Gift) with in 5 to 7 working days at your postal address.
Payment id – 153624048

Purchase date – 23/06/2017

But till date i have only received booking form and on asking for gift i was told that supplier was out of stock due to GST and will dispatch after 30th July, looking at the scenario i think i want be getting any Holiday package or Gift as assured, hence the company is fraud ………….

please if any one can help me getting my money back reply………

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