INDIGO AIRLINES Error in reservation

I had made a reservation with Indigo Airlines on Flight No. 6E 496 from Kolkata to Mumbai on 02nd January, 2019 through a travel agent.

On 1st January, 2019, when I tried to web check-in for the abovementioned flight, I could not proceed. I called the customer care for Indigo Airlines and I was told that my reservation was not for the 2nd Day of January, 2019 but for the 1st Day of January, 2019 and that the flight had already departed. I did not receive any message from Indigo Airlines confirming my reservation for the 01st Day of Jan, 2019 or the 2nd Day of Jan, 2019, which is strange since the airlines usually send out an SMS at the time of booking the ticket.

I brought this to the notice of the travel agent, since I had received a ticket which mentioned the date of travel as 2nd January, 2019. The travel agent has since been trying to get an explanation from the airlines to fathom what actually transpired, however, has failed to do so.

It has been two months and I do not understand why Indigo Airlines has not been able to provide with a plausible explanation to this situation.

In this regard, I wish to understand how I received a ticket for 2nd January, 2019 when the reservation was for 01st January, 2019 and why wasn’t I intimated by way of an SMS when the ticket was booked, so that I could have checked the reservation details then and made the necessary changes.

Due to this lapse on the part of the airlines, I had to make a last minute reservation for my travel and incurred steep charges.

Please don’t make me regret choosing to fly with Indigo Airlines.

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