Indraprastha Gas Limited no action taken since 2012 regarding the leakage of gas and bill amount

Customer Grievance Cell
Indraprastha Gas Limited
IGL Bhawan,0
Plot No. 4, Community Centre,
R K Puram, Sector – 9,
New Delhi – 110022.
Business Partner No. 4000136693

Subject : no action taken since 2012 for the complain forwarded for the leakage of gas,
& now disconnected the connection like a thief as they climbed up through pipe on 2nd floor without any permission.
Dear Sir,

This is in continuation to our various telephonic calls and written representations also physical meetings @IGL office RK Puram ,
made for faulty PNG meter installed at our house where the gas was leaking from the meter, due to which bill generated was a huge amount.
It is again submitted that the subject meter installed in our house has been showing reading disproportionate to our consumption, from the very inception.
Prior to piped gas, our consumption is very less i.e 400/-or 500/- and the bill coming is huge amount.
The above has been brought to your notice when you were requested regarding the complaint of leakage of gas and bill of huge amount so that our grievance could be redressed.
I Ashok Grover ,holding IGL gas connection BP. No. 4000136693 faced an issue regarding the leakage of my gas in march 2012.
I lodged my complaint to Mr. Pankaj Mahajan regarding this issue also complained my nearest IGL pump where they came home and corrected the issue , but the bill amount was huge and its showing the arrears on every bill ,
because the IGL employee Mr. Pankaj Mahajan told us to pay the gas consumption and VAT amount and the other arrears will be waived off sooner or later. He told us he will clear this but never gave any complaint number,
I have visited him at IGL head office RK Puram 8-10 Times but the reaction was always the same we will clear it out and let you know. And since 2015 we got receiving notice for disconnection of PNG Gas.
This month again we have got a bill for Rs. 9000/- including arrears and the same we just paid the consumption + vat amount rest arrears is not being paid till the time our grievance is redressed.
as Mr. Pankaj Mahajan told us he will waive off all the charges but its not resolved till now.
And yesterday 22/07/2017 we were not at home and without any permission disconnection guys climbed up through the igl Pipe on our 2nd Floor balcony like a thief and neighbors saw the incident like how they were disconnecting the connection , where in the neighbors told them not to do it like a thief ,as they are not at home you should come tomorrow next day ,
but the disconnection guys disconnected the connection like a thief by climbing on 2nd floor balcony . which is just Unacceptable.
Disconnection and climbing from pipe to 2nd floor balcony without permission like a thief ,gives us a direction to file a police complaint regarding the disconnection guys , if this issue will not get resolved and our connection doesn’t get reconnected , then we will have to take some legal actions towards your company and those disconnection guys(thief’s)
You are once again, requested to look to our complaint on priority, failing which we shall be constrained to approach the proper quarters or even the consumer forum.
Yours truly,
Ashok Kumar
+91-9953111339 , +91-9810166198

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