INDUS MOTORS CO.PVT.LTD , MG ROAD, COCHIN -15 Complaint regarding poor servicing of my car

Car Registration No: KL7CF1349
Type of body: Saloon
Servicing date: 23/06/2020(Tuesday)
Authorised Dealer:INDUS MOTORS CO.PVT.LTD (City workshop, MG ROAD, COCHIN- 15)

I had used my car only once it had been serviced.When I was asked for a feedback, I checked by opening the car’s bonnet. But I found that 90 % of engine oil had leaked out and was spread around and there was no oil cap or cover lid.I had paid Rs.2712 for servicing the car.
Due to this lack of attention if any problems arise in future or if other parts of the car get affected, the concerned dealer will be responsible and will have to deal with those expenses. I request the concerned authority to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

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