INIFD Borivali Refund from Granville Borivali West

This is Priyanka Gosavi, Centre Head of INIFD Borivali. We had booked 2 rooms in Grandville hotel, Borivali West for today and tomorrow; for our guests coming from Chandigarh. But due to unhygienic conditions, smell of Hookah all over the floor & lifts, absence of tube lights in the rooms and untidy bathrooms; our guests were feeling uncomfortable in this hotel.
As soon as they checked in at 2:30 pm today, they saw that the rooms were not cleaned, when we reached on 4th floor, there a broomstick welcoming us on the lift door. It was very embarrassing for us in front of our guests. The hotel staff was taking half the place on the floor with their unhygienic trolley blocking the passage & the lift lobby. There is no proper lighting in the rooms.
Our guests asked us to check out from the hotel immediately. They felt unsafe and uncomfortable in that hotel. On urgent basis we had to shift them to a different hotel (Landmark Residency)-Booking done from make my trip only.
Now, it is a request to refund our payments as soon as possible for the booking done in Granville Hotel. Because we didn’t get what we were promised for. Please call us immediately after receiving the complain on 8669072045.
These are the booking details:
Booking Id: NH7101756221137
Check In: Sun, Jul 23, 2017
Check Out : Tues. Jul 25, 2017
Room Type: Executive (2 Rooms for 3 Adults)
Booking done in the name of: Jasveen Sahota
Total Amount paid during booking : Rs. 12,381.20/-
Booking Date: Jul 13, 2017

Priyanka Gosavi,
Center Head- INIFD Borivali
8669072045 / 7021697935

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