Insurance Fraud LIC Agent Aakash Mehta +91-7835027441

I have received call from +91-7835027441 and introduced himself as LIC agent Aakash Mehta. He talked to me for more than 30 minutes and explained me about some bonus amount that I would receive if I invest in a policy. He talks very nicely and good at convincing any one. And finally I agreed to invest in a policy. And this went on from one to three and nothing happened and later he told me that I have to go for another policy as Tax & GST amount. Each time he told me that you don’t have to continue any policy, only one time payment and the full amount will be returned along with the bonus. He introduced lots of people in the middle to convince me to take more and more policies and their names are Mohit Malhotra +91-9069987872
Santosh Mehra +91-8743818416
Abhinav Shukla
Ajay Gupta +91-8448298620
He called me from different numbers like +91-8448298615, +91-1409303901, +91-8448298627, +91-8448298617.
He is very successful in cheating me that I had to take 5 different insurance policies. And now his phone is switched off.
So please be careful about these kinds of phone calls and fraudulent activities.

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