IRCTC TDR Filed as train late more than 3 hours and passenger not traveled but T.T.E./officials marked it in the Chart as Passenger Traveled.

I have booked a ticket having PNR-6113744859 in Train No. 22405 of Shri Raj Kumar Singh, Age 50 years from Patna (PNBE) to Anand Vihar Terminal (ANVT), Journey date 17.04.2018. The train was late by more than three hours and passenger did not travel. I have filed TDR through irctc bearing TDR Registration No. ############.
Accordingly, I have booked another ticket having PNR 6513745865 in Train No. 14003 for Shri Raj Kumar Singh Age 50 years from Patna (PNBE) to New Delhi (NDLS), Journey date 17.04.2018 and the above passenger travelled in this train only.
However, the above TDR is Repudiate stating that “AS PER CHART, PASSENGER HAS TRAVELLED” but the passenger travelled in train No. 14003 on that day. How could be it possible for one person to be travelled in two trains on the same day. It might be the clerical mistake of concerned T.T.E./Officials.
Therefore, it is requested you to kindly verify the above facts & circumstances and do the needful for credit the amount of TDR claimed as passenger Shri Raj Kumar Singh, age-50 years did not travel in Train No 22405 as per reason reported in the TDR status.

Niteesh Kumar
Mo: 8797263242
[email protected]
Irctc user id: niteesh23

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