Isha Foundation Improper communication of Re registation of Inner engineering program

Dear Isha Foundation,
I am Sangamithra registered for Inner Engineering course on May 22 @ChandaNagar branch on 26th June. But unfortunately couldn’t attend the session due to personal reasons but came to know that session could be attended within 6months from one of the volunteers so i am pretty happy and didn’t request for refund.

On 22nd May after registering online I got a Registration notification and e-receipt email on the same day. Later on June 01 got a registration confirmation email from Chandanagar branch. But no where in the emails it was mentioned about the re registration period and it’s specifications.

Later on I tried to attend the session in November and reached one volunteer to attend the session on Nov 13 but she didn’t inform me that would be my last session that i can attend(6 months from date of payment)…hoping I have one more month in hand I didn’t attned that as well due to some pressure at ofc. Now in December I tried to reach Isha centre at Gachibowli to attend session on Dec11 since Dec would be within 6months of my course date (i.e June26). I want to attend the session for sure without failure this time.So inquired about the re registration process. Suddenly I was said that 6months would be considered from the date of payment. But i didn’t get any official communication about my registration expiry from Isha or from any of its volunteers and not even in the emails that i got initially.

Now all my hardend money(rs 3000) was of mere waste. I felt upset and very much unhappy with Isha and it’s volunteers. Even though I reached them many times before none were confident of the re registration time period they said just simply 6 months and now this happened.

I do accept that there was some mistake from my side too.I should have enquired much properly regarding the 6 months either from.payment date or from course date.
But it’s also the responsibility of Isha to support the customers who are willing to be part of their program.

Please find my details below:
Name : Sangamithra
E-mail : [email protected] Participation ID is CDNJUNN18
fee receipt ii20-HLO-00816
Registration ID:
Phone : 9908145868

Kindly look into the issue and please allow me to attend the session in December else please refund my money back and do the needful asap.

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