Jawed Habib Kasba kolkata Misbehaviour

This complaint is about Jawed Habib Kasba branch .It is situated opposite to dolna day school.I have always been a very loyal customer of Jawed habib and even in this age of cut throat competition I did not switch my loyalty.I visited this particular salon on 7th of this month .They had a fairly good booking because of the Diwali festival.I was not even welcomed over there.I asked a guy named Deepak whether he would do my hair cut.He assured me that he had an appointment at 2.30 and if the customers did not appear he would attend to me.So I waited .After 20 mins he asked me if only I would do my hair or even my beard needs a trimming .I replied in the negative.After 30 40 mins when he was done with his customer when I went to ask him he said that he would not cut my hair because he has other better things to.it was already 3.40 then and I had a flight to catch.They not only betrayed me rather they behaved in such a way that I felt that I was a begger begging for alms.Tgis in!
cident disturbed me a lot mentally and I hope appropriate action be taken against these people

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