Jayam Modern Rice Mill Dinesh

Dear Sir/Madam

The below mentioned person involving in the transaction of Black Money. All the supporting documents were attached here with this Mail.
Mr. L.Manoharan (Aadhaar Card No: ############)
No. 12/42 Karpaga Pillayar Koil St
Vellore District
Mobile No: +91-9790119553

The allegation for the above mentioned persons are
Land along with Building Property was registered for Rs. 47.50 Lakhs. but, it was transferred for 65 Lakhs. He also bribed the Sub-Registrar Office Joint-1 Arakkonam around Rs. 2 Lakhs inorder to register the Property (Survey No. 226/2C1PART, Doc No: 2868/2017). Please find attached Audio conversation of himself revealed to Some Other Person
Land Property was registered for Rs. 65.67 Lakhs. but, it was transferred for 85 Lakhs in 2533/2017 on Sub-Registrar Office Joint-2 Arakkonam.
He didn’t fled income tax filing for Jayam Modern Rice Mill (TIN NO: 33096263720) for the past 20 Years.
No Trading Transaction was shown in the accounts book & Bank transaction of the Modern Rice Mill.
As per the Indian Code of Law, Kindly request you to take necessary action against him and take legal action everybody who involved along with him.

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