JHARKHAND POLICE Bokaro Traffic Police

At the time of passed Patharkatta More in Bokaro on dated 28th April, 2018, I have seen that there was two wheeler checking done by one Sub Inspector MR. SHIV NARAYAN SINGH and his 2 junior subordinate constables. During the checking Sub Inspector MR. SHIV NARAYAN SINGH was behaving very rudely with public and using slang languages which I am not able to write. Sub Inspector MR. SINGH was openly shouting with slang language that " SP has given me the target of collection for Rs. 10000/ by two wheeler vehicle checking.
I want to ask that how can a public servant behaved so rudely with public and who has authorised that officer to use slang languages with public.
I requesting to Government Authority that please remind that corrupt office MR. SHIV NARAYAN SINGH that the salary which he got credited each month in his account are tax payers money. So, please advise him to behave properly and politely with public.

Thanks & Regards,
Brajesh Singh Rajput
An Indian Citizen
For Urban Empowerment

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