Jio mobile tower installation of tower


The district collector

We would like to lodge complaint on behalf of residents of, sarvodaya nagar,near kakinada public school,kakinada and thereby putting the life of residents in vicinity in hazardous situation.
Our complaint is specific that,house owner of 2-249/2 – had licensed his premises to Mobile Company for installation of Mobile Tower in midst of residential area of sarvodaya nagar,kakinda.
the house owner had not informed the surrounding neighbours about the installation of tower and also the house foundation was so weak that it can bear only single floor but already he had
built two floors and the foundation is so weak that it cant hold the tower.there would be radiation effect on the area and that too there two towers already in the area so it would be
hazardous to the people of their health.because of the poor foundation of the building there would be the chance of falling on the next buildings that would cause a huge damage
In spite of this, the said the house owner flatly refused to pay any heed to the said fact and evasively replied to residents of sarvodaya nagar ,near near kps that ”do whatever you want, I will
never terminate the said license

As you know that, it is general rule that, the Mobile Tower has to be installation 50 meters away from the residential area as the radiation eminating from the said Mobile Tower causes various
effects on human body and worked as slow poison upon the human body. Therefore, various building societies are refusing to install the said Mobile Tower on their building. Hence, the said Mobile
Company choosing residential areas as they know that, few people are very greedy about the money and ignorant of their effect
As per the rules it is the necessary to give structural stability certificate and drawings, building owners’ agreement copy, no objection certificate from neighbors and surrounding areas and other
documents has not been given and the neighbours has objection to this installation in their areas.
We therefore request you to kindly look in to the matter personally and see that the above tower is removed immediately from the above House in order to prevent further damage to the health of innocent people of the area.

Yours faithfully,
kari venkat rao,
sarvodaya nagar,
near kakinada public school,

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