JSPM Group Pune Forcing Employees to attend college in Lockdown

The JSPM group of Institutes Pune is forcing employees/teachers to report at their colleges in current lock down period of well affected by Corona red zone in Pune Maharashtra .The institute is run by Mr.Tanaji Sawant (MLA MS) and corporate Directors Mr.Prakash Jamdade , Dr. Ravi Joshi other Directors and campus Directors Dr.Kayande & Principals are threatening to all employees to report from 25 th May 2020 whose proofs are available at CCTV footages of all Engineering Institutes without any safety precautions. One of JSPM
group college teachers objected to report till lockdown over by giving in writing request but Management tortured them to report and paid only 50% salary of March 2020 and no salary thereafter.Its total break of Law as per Government norms/AICTE /UGC guidelines as per COVID-19 GR to ask and report in Red zones and to colleges with individual and other society people life at Risk by threatening them to remove from job. Please take necessary action against them.Thank you .-Employees of JSPM group Pune

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