Jukaso Fraud of Journeys by Jukaso

I received a call from Journeys by Jukaso that I won a 2 night and 3 days package from Jukaso, but when I went there with my wife, the sales representative try to sell there membership of 5 years but we already taken the decision that we are not going to pay single amount and asked them to provide us the gift voucher of 2 night and 3 days we have won.
After a month I tried to redeem the voucher and asked them to Book a hotel for Manali, and same day I got a call from Journeys that I need to pay some utility amount of Rs 5000 to get the hotels booked, when I asked them where it is written over Voucher, they kept silent and said that they will call me back later. I raised a complaint against this but no satisfactory response received from them.
I think we need to raise voice together and get Jukaso Hotel licence cancelled because I saw there are so many fraud reviews in this site.
I am also going to get this Publish in Print and virtual Media, so that everyone can aware about this fraud.

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