K.L Information to drainage construction and illigal construction issues

Dear sir,
i want to inform you that infront of my house which is located in mahaveer nagar, as one of owner is trying to build up the commercial building in between the residential buildings,and also there is some builders they were constructing their residential building ,builders are kepping all their construction materials in scattered form over the main road due to this type of default awareness shown by builders our areas drainage system is fully stucked and on one side of house their is no space to flow out the drained water which was accumulated on the road the reason behind this is the owner who was illegaly doing construction for commercial purpose has occupied the drainage area for buildup their own building & on other side the owner of the building whose building was already constructed was captued the govt land which was left for future construction of drainage system they had made their own garden over it ,(it means in this specific area no proper planning for drainage system done by any of them so please do needful action on this particular matter) . To proven the upward statement some of the evidence putting with photos attachment.
Note:_ Due to This type of negligence, public has to be suffer by many diseases more priority they will be suffered by covid _ 19 because sanitization was not sprayed by muncipal corporation team.so i request u to please take neccesary action to avoid this circumstance of our area. your faithful
Address :-Rani durgawati ward,zone 4 ,mahaveer nagar near satpal dairy,sapna aata chakki raipur chhattisgarh

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