Kaveri grameena bank Never approach Kaveri grameena bank

This is my genuine and personally experienced about the Kaveri Grameena Bank especially one which is located at Kalyana nagar , Bangalore , Never approach this bank for anything like personal loans, insurance , gold loans , home loans and not even opening an account in the bank , staffs in the bank needs to be changed even the bank manager ,giving wrong information to the customer , there will be a hidden charges which they never tell it to the customer, charging more to the customer without any concerns and mercy , my personal opinion is that never-ever take any kind of life insurance policy, everything happens very late, they do not have online accounts as we have in other private banks , there is no proper facility to the customer , don`t even open an account . manager is not fit for anything , takes out the big book to explain something to the customer , manager is a one who should be knowing everything about the plans and policy of the bank and in finger tips he should !
be able to tell when customer asks ,only few staffs are there however they all still needs a transfer.
-Jai karnataka

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