Khadi gram udyog regarding Extra Charge clearification

We have 12500/= khadi coupon went to purchase in Swaraj ashram Kanpur (UP) they are seals all khadi items at MRP agents coupon and take additional cash GST on it. But in Bhopal , Delhi and other locationof India khadi outlet seals all khadi items on MRP not taking any GST extra. Please acknowledge the matter and clarify the same by return mail.
आदर सहित With Regards

अतुल द्विवेदी Atul Dwivedi
अभियंता-(गु. नि. विभाग)Engineer – (Q. C. department) कर्मचारी संख्या CPF-2656
गेल इंडिया लिमिटेड, विजयपुर GAIL (India) Ltd, Vijaipur गुना, मध्य प्रदेशGuna, Madhya Pradesh -473112 सम्पर्कसूत्रContact No .HBJ: 62-2730 32 34 (O) 2719(R)
+91-9917200187 & 9917200189
मेल आई.डी.mail ID [email protected]

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